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Creately is a visual collaboration platform that helps teams ideate, plan and execute all their work. Teams use Creately to brainstorm, visualize ideas, map processes, plan and run projects together with its smart visual canvas.


Creately is a visual collaboration platform. It enables teams go from ideation to planning and execution in the same visual space.

Visually add ideas to various frameworks, map processes, flows or entire organizations, create technical architecture documents, the possibilities are endless with 10,000+ templates that come with the platform.

At first, Creately unlocks more innovation, creativity and big picture thinking in teams. On longer use, Creately becomes the single-source of truth in projects and teams and acts as a Visual Database. You can add notes, attachments, link data and bring together all relevant information in to Creately.

Creately is linked with data and updates everything that’s related automatically, so that every single workspace contains relevant information. This cements and builds trust as a core resource for teams.

Creately is great for hyper-collaborative meetings, workshops, to run brainstorming sessions, map processes and flowcharts, create technical diagrams and designs and planning and running agile projects.


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