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In the wake of COVID-19, business analysts in the retail sector under pressure, more than ever, to find ways to splify, streamline, and automate all retail processes in order to sqeeze every ounce of savings.  Effective supply chain processes are critical to the survival of many retails and nowhere is the automation more important than in the distribution warehouse.

"The retailers that have survived, and will prosper, undoubtedly are those with supply, fulfilment and return networks that are flexible, agile and responsive – capable of adapting quickly to changing business environments and consumer lifestyles, thinking and demands. Critically, such supply chains will not just respond to the imperatives of the moment but be able to transform to support the future productivity, sustainability and profitability of the business."

- Louisa Hosegood, Digital & Strategy Directory, Bis Henderson Consulting

While larger retailers with deeper pockets or credit lines can turn to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to streamline their operations, most operation optimizations need to start with some key principles and a simpler approach.

5-point warehouse automation

This article focusins on a 5-point approach that business analysts can use to automate the warehousing process:

1. Understand your external environment

2. Analyse how your business works

3. Match solutions and providers

4. Make a strong business case

5. Successfully execute and implement

"The detailed route map that evolves from these five steps will be unique to each organisation. But following these steps should help maximise the benefits of automation, while minimising costs and the possibility of nasty surprises."

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2020-09-26 5-Point Strategy for Superior Warehouse Automation 5-Point Strategy for Superior Warehouse Automation

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