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Whether a business has just started out or is soaring high into the sky, software is a critical part of any business. And rest assured, if you want to run a successful business and compete with the data-driven digital world, you need software. If you have the required resources for software development, well and good. If not, you first have to choose a software development team with the sole aim of developing software that meets your business needs.

Unfortunately, things often do go wrong when it’s software development. Schedule and costs overrun due to lack of due diligence, incorrect assessment of the software company and poor selection process.

There is a saying that, coming across a black swan event in software development is inevitable, but it necessarily doesn’t need to be that way. One very straightforward way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to spend some time up front to assess the software development firms before the start of the project itself. Discuss the project requirements in details and make sure that the software development firm attempts at understanding the full scope and deliverable of the project and also that the stated goals need to be met within the specified time and cost.

It’s really easy and convenient to jump into business with the one who seems to promise to give you the world, it’s better that you do your due diligence first and ask them these 5 questions, so that you know that the firm that will gladly take your money, will also deliver at par results.

[1] What Similar work did you do previously?

Past performance to a large extent predicts future results and you can also get an overall idea about the skill level of your potential software firm by looking at their experience. Go through the case studies and project demo videos to gain comprehensive knowledge. This will make you more confident that their expertise matches with the needs of your project.

Also, when you work with a firm that has expertise in your industry, it will be easier for them to comprehend what problems your software will solve. If they have worked with the same technology and features, it helps them to find easy solutions if they run into some problems during development.


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2019-01-21 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Team 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Team

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