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The advent of digitization has shifted many global conflicts from the battel field to the cyberspace.  The tools used by our armed forces go beyond the physical world... radar systems, mapping software, AI-assisted decision making, and much more.  Does Agile have a role even at DoD?  This article explores the role of Agile Product Management for the defense industry.

Agile Product Management for the Department of Defense

"Among the reasons for America’s military preeminence is the quality and effectiveness of its weapons. During World War II the key to allied victory was the country’s remarkable ability to bend metal and build huge quantities of tanks, Jeeps, trucks, airplanes and ships. Today, many senior defense officials and industry experts say weapons are software first and metal second. That makes software development incredibly important, and, because software gets developed much faster than hardware, there’s great pressure to build faster. Our authors, both experts in software and technology, present their formula for meeting the conflicting demands of code and chips and hardware development. Read on! "

The article covers a number of Agile Product Management principles which can help DoD stay innovative in the face of change:

  • embrace concerns
  • continuously evaluate product progress
  • set decision making and authority at the right level
  • stay agile while keeping eye on the prize
  • lead

(article image courtesy of Airman Magazine via flickr)

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2021-03-06 Agile Product Management for the Department of Defense Agile Product Management for the Department of Defense

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