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"Context is everything"... at least when it comes to requirements.

Regardless of the software development methodology used, the need to deal with requirements is real.  Whether they are called user stories, features, capabilities, use cases, or any other name - understanding, finding, and refining a the requirements is essential to a product's success.

With examples, templates, and clear instruction, Dan Tasker does a masterful job helping practioners to understand the reality of requirements elicitation and management.

The first article introduce the importance of understanding the context of the requirements your are embarking to discover, document, and ultimately implement.

"The context of requirements that I intend to focus on is business information systems. And while a complete information system includes a hardware and a network aspect, the requirement contexts that will be discussed will not include these technical aspects. The requirements contexts will focus on business analysts interacting with business users to deliver the functional and information components of a system."

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Dan Tasker

The author of two books and numerous articles, Dan recently retired after working and consulting in the IT industry for the past 48 years. He spent the first 10 years working as a developer (called ‘programmer’ back then) in the United States and Canada. This was followed by two years teaching computer programming, database design, and data modelling. The remainder of his career was spent as a business analyst, in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He continues to be passionate about quality requirements and helping business analysts produce them. He can be contacted at [email protected]

2019-12-02 Context is Everything... When It Comes to Requirements Context is Everything... When It Comes to Requirements

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Adrian M.

Great article series on requirements! Thank you Dan for your insights.

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