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When building an IoT solution, you need to focus on what your target audience wants to use. To ensure that customers embrace your product, begin your journey by clearly defining your business requirements from the top down. Whether you're a service provider or an enterprise building IoT products, make sure that you state the business requirements first and then move toward technological implementations.

Why would anyone want to change the things you currently using in the physical world of business to the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Although the sectors shown below can be further enhanced through IoT, there needs to be a business reason for it and not just a technical one. Techies, the type who by default don’t create documentation, tend to solve problems bottom up. The technology is chosen first, then there is a retrofit of underlying processes to fit with that technology; finally, the business is coerced to wave the wand at the newly acquired widgets, which in this case would be IoT products. This engagement model is the reason why so many projects around technology fail to deliver on business value. Simply put, the problem that is being solved is not the one underpinning the business.

The below infographic by Intel shows where smart things are most likely to be deployed.

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2019-01-21 Determining the Top Down Business Requirements for Deploying IoT Determining the Top Down Business Requirements for Deploying IoT

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