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Product Management abilities are some of the most in demand skills product and technology companies are looking for.  However, comprehensive and real-world training options are either very expensive or very hard to find.  

The good news is that Advancing Women in Product (AWIP), a not for profit organization, partnered with Amazon Web Service to offer a set of comprehensive product management training offerings.

"Learners who diligently complete all 19 projects, regardless of their background, will have completed the type of work entry-level project managers at big tech companies also perform, which might help level the playing field,"

Nancy Wang, CEO of AWIP, Head of Data Protection at Amazon Web Services

The product management offering consists of four Coursera courses which can be audited for free.

Learners will explore topics including business, design, software engineering, data science, AI/ML, and soft skills. They will also review real interview questions asked by PMs from employers including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. This foundational-level series uses video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes. It’s available to audit for free, or you can take the series and receive an optional completion certificate with a 49 USD monthly subscription to Coursera.

Product Lifecycle Management - Training - PLM

Bring your own product or idea as we:

1. Map your customer personas and journeys

2. Involve non-buyers to influence buyers

3. Apply Bain's elements of value

4. Draft PRDs and PRFAQs

5. Size your product market using TAM, SAM, and SOM

6. Perform competitive analyses

7. Draft your product vision, roadmap, and backlog

8. Draft Google-style OKRs

9. Design an A/B test

10. Calculate NPS, CSAT, and CES

11. Addict your customers across your product journey

12. Price your product

13. Research competitors' LTV

14. Analyze financial statements

15. Lead with designers & engineers

16. Answer real technical PM interview questions

17. Practice real behavioral, product design, strategy, data analysis, and estimation PM interview questions.

(Facebook calls the question types above leadership & drive, product sense, and execution -- you'll practice those too!)

18. Resist your proxies

19. Realign your metrics with your product vision

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2020-10-17 Free Product Management Training from a Nonprofit Organization Free Product Management Training from a Nonprofit Organization

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