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When you’re swept up in the inspiration for your mobile app, it’s easy to lose sight of feasibility. Arriving at the right balance between an original idea and what’s realistic for development requires proper planning. A recommended plan of action is creating a Product Requirements Document (PRD). A PRD is used to identify risks, challenge product assumptions, and communicate both the business and technical requirements, so every stakeholder understands the objective of the mobile app. A PRD is an essential tool for ensuring your final product is as close as possible to your original idea while weighing product ideas against project constraints.

Understanding Mobile App Business Requirements

Mobile app business requirements are the criteria by which you meet organizational objectives. Usually, your business requirements will outline how your mobile app will solve user pain points in conjunction with the strategic vision of your business. A PRD helps you think critically about business requirements, so you and your stakeholders understand which requirements are necessary to fulfill the product’s value promise

he following are common example questions for working out business requirements in a PRD:

  • What is the purpose of the mobile app?
  • What is the current problem(s) it will solve?
  • How will it streamline or improve the current process?
  • Will it facilitate a new process?
  • Will the app need to be started from scratch, or will you leverage existing assets?
  • What should the app be able to do (i.e., functionality)?
  • What features will it need?
  • What is the monetization or business model (i.e., advertisement based, freemium, subscription)?
  • Is the ask feasible?

Weighing Business Requirements Against Development Constraints

In mobile app development, it’s crucial to narrow down your desired functionality to a core set of features to solve a concentrated pain point; otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time, money and effort on additional functionality that doesn’t deliver value. A prime example is whether your product will refine a current process, or facilitate a new one.

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2019-10-06 How To Plan Product Requirements For Feasible Mobile App Development How To Plan Product Requirements For Feasible Mobile App Development

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