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This leaflet is part of a series intended as a brief introduction to the application of systems engineering approaches to infrastructure projects. It was developed by the International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Infrastructure Working Group in the interest of aiding industry.

"Projects often suffer several types of problems caused by inadequately managed requirements. For example, contractual and regulatory commitments are overlooked. Requirements do not flow down to subcontractors or suppliers. Requirements are incomplete, unclear, not regularly updated, and subject to widely varying interpretations. Projects have difficulty demonstrating requirements were met and the responsibility for managing the requirements is often unclear. Solving these and other issues drive the need for a more formal approach to managing requirements."

The Managing Requiremetns for Design pamphlet covers a number of areas such as:

  • Requirements Management as a Process
  • Characteristics of Good Requirements
  • Requirement Topics (Areas)
  • Requirements Precedence
  • Requirements Management Functions

For further information about the application of systems engineering in large infrastructure projects, including a Guide applicable to the Construction project stage, go to and look for publications.

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2020-09-27 INCOSE - Managing Requirements for Design - Pamphlet INCOSE - Managing Requirements for Design - Pamphlet

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