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You and your team have worked so hard making sure you understand your customer's needs, the market opportunities, or the problems you're trying to solve.  Then you spent countless hours developing, testing, and marketing your new product.

Only to find out that nobody wants to but it?

Did you forget to consider the Packaging Requirements?

These days, it's not enough to simply have a great product - you need to be able to get the customer to buy it.  The product packaging plays a critical role in getting prospective customers to even consider a product or service.  User Experience starts the second a customer sees your product's packaging.  

Do they understand what's in the box?

Is it clear why yours is the best?

Does packaging design drive them to select the product next to it?

Is the packaging making your product virtually invisible?

Regardless of industry or product, packaging can have a critical impact on achieving the desired goals of any organization.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of pharmaceuticals where the demands are many and varied.

Packaging provides a unique challenge, one that is often neglected in terms of allocating the appropriate time, budget and logistical expertise required to safeguard the integrity of a pharmaceutical product.

The design and manufacture of packaging for clinical research does not present the same aesthetic or regulatory hurdles as in the commercial environment. However, getting it right can make or break a trial – and have a significant knock-on effect on the commercialisation of a therapy.

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2020-07-06 Packaging Requirements... do they matter? Packaging Requirements... do they matter?

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