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Having to tackle product requirements is not always easy especially when faced with a complex business domain.  This task can be less daunting if the practitioner comes prepared with a framework of the types of scenario that (s)he might encounter.  In this article, experienced professional Dan Tasker cover three scenario which you might encounter when documenting product requirements.

After defining the scope of a "product" to include services:

“Something of perceived value that an organization makes available, or intends to make available, to external parties.”

... Dan introduces us to the three scenarios for product requirements

  • An existing system able to support a new product through configuration.

  • One or more aspects of a new product that will need custom/bespoke development

  • A packaged solution, able to support a new product, to be acquired and implemented.


Product Requirements - Three Fundamental Scenarios

Whether an information system can support a product though configuration or requires custom development, when an information system is involved there are standard pre-go-live activities that need to be performed (e.g. testing). Requirements support those activities.

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Dan Tasker

Dan is the author of over 30 requirements-related articles and other resources. His 45+ year career in Information Technology has involved organizations in a variety of industry sectors in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. His business analysis experience includes projects involving in-house software development, software vendor solution development, and COTS software acquisition and implementation. He continues to be passionate about quality requirements and helping business analysts produce them. He can be contacted at [email protected].

2021-07-11 Product Requirements Scenarios Product Requirements Scenarios

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