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The data architect plays a critical role in today's enterprise.  Data, and large amounts of it, is more ubiquitous than ever especially in tech savvy organizations and all large enterprises.  They are charged with establishing, deploying, managing, and enforcing an organization's data architecture.

Data Architect

"Data architects are senior visionaries who translate business requirements into technology requirements and define data standards and principles. The data architect is responsible for visualizing and designing an organization's enterprise data management framework. This framework describes the processes used to plan, specify, enable, create, acquire, maintain, use, archive, retrieve, control, and purge data."

- Thor Olavsrud,

The value and scarcity of good data analysts is made evident when we take a look at the salaries for data centric roles which can reach as high as $150,000 per year. 

In this article, Thor Olavsurd, covers in details the role of the data architect including:

Data Architect Role

Data Architect Responsibilities

Data Archiect vs. Data Engineer

How to Become a Data Architect

What to Look for in a Data Architect

Data Architect Skills

Data Architect Certifications

Data Architct Salary

Data Architect Jobs

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2020-10-24 The Data Architect Role: All you need to know... The Data Architect Role:  All you need to know...

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