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Digitalization needs professionals: This fact becomes more and more urgent as the digital transformation is ongoing. IREB tackled this fact and we are happy to announce our brand new syllabus for the Digital Design Professional education.

We want professionalism in digitalization!

How can it be that within this ongoing digital transformation there is no profession for those who steer and shape it? How can you find the right people that can cope with the challenges? How can you educate people in this profession? IREB has faced these questions by launching the Digital Design Professional certification program.

Be able to handle "Digital Material“!

Digitalization encounters a paradigm shift by looking at the digital as a material, as ”Digital Material“ - material that can be shaped, designed and used. This view dramatically changes the way we look at digitalization. It has parallels to industrial design where you find “real“ material and some competences required for DDPs can be concluded.

Get the right competences!

You can now benefit from our experts’ knowledge - from university, economy and consulting - who worked hard on the DDP certification program. In order to professionalize digitalization, it is most important to identify the competences required to get the job done. The DDP certification program has been designed to prepare professionals to take a holistic view to develop truly innovative digital solutions. The figure below shows the DDP’s field of competence.

Check out the syllabus!

Check out the DDP syllabus to go into details, become a Digital Design Professional, steer the digital transformation and become even more successful in your job!

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Stan Bühne

Stan Bühne is the Vice Managing Director of IREB GmbH. Stan has 15 years of experience in requirements engineering, business analysis and project management. Before joining IREB he worked for different Consulting companies and was responsible for various IT and transformation projects.

2021-03-07 Become a Digital Design Professional - You can start today! Become a Digital Design Professional - You can start today!

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