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The "IoT Device Management Market: Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, and Government IoT Device Provisioning, Administration, Surveillance, Maintenance and Analytics 2018 - 2023" report has been added to's offering.

This report evaluates the IoT device management market including requirements, functionality, leading companies and solutions. The report evaluates market opportunities and challenges for IoT Device Management solutions across various industry verticals. The report includes forecasting for global and regional markets as well as potential across deployment types and sectors including automotive, manufacturing, smart cities, and more.

The IoT device management market encompasses device provisioning, administration, monitoring, and diagnostics important for trouble replication and corrective measures. The overall IoT device management market is driven by a few key factors including:

IoT Device Scope: Overall growth of IoT networks and systems dramatically expanding the scope of devices by volume, type, purpose, role and importance. The IoT device management market must evolve to meet the ever-expanding scale and scope of consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government solutions and systems.

IoT Security: Growing concerns over network security facilitating the need for device interaction, both for traditional signature-based software as well as AI-based protection of devices, data, and systems. Security goes beyond access (to device, network/system, etc.) and includes data security/privacy as well as securing proper decisions (e.g. ensuring that autonomous processes are carried forth in a manner that is not detrimental).

IoT Device Monitoring and Maintenance: There is a rapidly expanding need to monitor the health (on/off condition, power, connectivity, etc.) of IoT devices, particularly those in mission critical roles. With increasingly interconnected networks, and interdependent devices, many devices may be involved in high-priority processes.

Edge Computing In IoT Networks: With many computational processes moving to the edge of networks, there are special IoT device management needs in terms of data management, security, monitoring. The deployment of 5G networks and its support for massive IoT, coupled with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) will accelerate the need for IoT device management at the edge of cellular networks in particular.

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2018-12-02 Global IoT Device Management Market, 2018-2023: Requirements, Functionality, Leading Companies and Solutions Global IoT Device Management Market, 2018-2023: Requirements, Functionality, Leading Companies and Solutions

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