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Visure Solutions, Inc., a trusted specialized requirement ALM partner for companies of all sizes across safety-critical and business-critical industries, has scored the No. 1 Requirements ALM Platform for two years in a row (2018 and 2019) and has been awarded the Gold Medalist Award by Info-Tech Research Group's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Vendor Landscape.

The Software Reviews Data Quadrant Gold Medal Awards recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace as evaluated by their users. Gold Medals represent the capstone of the firm's in-depth software evaluation reports and are awarded based on a composite score that encapsulates performance in five areas of evaluation: vendor capabilities, product features, customer satisfaction, likeliness to recommend, and net emotional footprint. 

Visure recently introduced a new ALM Platform, the first-of-its-kind feature-rich ALM solution supports full standard compliance of safety-critical and business-critical applications.

"Customers have consistently highlighted Visure´s commitment to their success as a key aspect why they love Visure Requirements ALM," said Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui, Visure's CEO. "We work hand-in-hand with them to improve Visure's technology by adding new capabilities that fulfill customers need, and especially helping us to develop one of the easiest and most intuitive tools in the market."

Tadlaoui added that, "Visure has proven to be reactive and incorporate capabilities to the platform for the continuously evolving autonomous vehicle market, and growing complexity in medical devices and aerospace and defense. Partnering with our customers is part of our strategy and part of our high customer satisfaction ratings."

Visure's high customer satisfaction comes from customers in industries developing highly safety critical systems, such as aerospace and defense, automotive, medical device, and railroads due to Visure's easy approach to standard compliance capability technology.

While implementing an ALM tool supporting a development process provides many benefits, it can also be crippling for companies if engineers are overloaded by overly complicated user interfaces, poorly automated steps and complex tool adaptations, which result in steep learning curves. Visure's goal, Tadlaoui said, is to empower engineers by reducing the process overhead and help them focus on their product development tasks, so that they can deliver better systems, faster and in time.

Visure will continue to drive ALM product innovation for embedded and system engineering market by partnering with industry leaders and customers, collaborating with universities, and strategic R&D efforts, as well as by implementing and following various standards and guidelines related to requirement engineering such as IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) and INCOSE (The International Council On Systems Engineering).

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2019-12-31 Visure Solutions Takes No. 1 Spot for Requirements ALM Platform Second Year in a Row Visure Solutions Takes No. 1 Spot for Requirements ALM Platform Second Year in a Row

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