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X2Engine Inc., the provider of the award-winning X2CRM, has been replacing separate SaaS-based CRM and Marketing Automation solutions that are deployed within the same company, by successfully migrating and combining customer data on the X2CRM platform that combines CRM, workflow, and marketing automation into a single solution. Companies who have been disappointed with constantly sending data between two separate databases are now pleased with the control, transparency and flexibility that X2CRM provides their businesses, in addition to the cost savings from managing two separate applications.

X2Engine is revolutionizing a software industry that has become ineffective due to old proprietary coding options, inferior data management practices and outdated Cloud infrastructure.

New X2CRM customers appreciate the cohesive platform and the ability to modify every aspect of the solution. X2CRM customers have built new modules, complete process-based workflows, and process reports that transcend every aspect of X2's deployment – without writing any code.

Cohesive Workflow for a Better Customer Experience

X2CRM's X2Process and X2WorkFlow link and formulate all objects and modules to satisfy any business need — from customer engagement tracking to monitoring marketing efforts. Companies powered by X2CRM can design an exceptional customer experience in less time, and avoid lengthy and expensive internal processes and complex data integrations by using X2Process and X2WorkFlow.

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2018-12-02 X2CRM Exceeds Business Requirements for Configuration Capabilities X2CRM Exceeds Business Requirements for Configuration Capabilities

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