All About Requirements

Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Requirements

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Requirements development deals with getting good software requirements. Requirements management addresses the challenges of handling these requirements as the project proceeds over time. This presentation summarizes several best practices for requirements management. 


What is Requirements Traceability?

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Requirements traceability refers to the capability of a requirements management process or tool which enables the process participant or tool user to follow the life of a requirement both forwards and backwards.  It also refers the the ability to link requirements (via specific...


Requirements Glossary from A to Z

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A Glossary documents the terms which are specific to a given domain, project, or endeavor.  Whether your project is large or small, a glossary of terms will ensure your entire team and your team's stakeholders are on the same page and use the same terminology.  A glossary is...


Webinar: Requirements in Context

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Learn how to improve your practice using effective methods, techniques, and tools. In this webinar you will learn insights, methods, techniques and tools used by a proven and pragmatic journeyman Business Architect Learn how to become a highly effective Business Analyst and save your...


FirstNet Develops Coverage Verification Process, Receives First AT&T Payment

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FirstNet staff is developing a requirements traceability matrix (RTM) to monitor AT&T’s radio access network (RAN) deployment and operations. An initial RAN operations review was held May 31 in Oakton, Virginia, said Rich Reed, network management and operations officer at FirstNet,...


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