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SpiraTest Product Details

Project managers, QA managers, business analysts and software testers who need an integrated requirements, test and defect management system to manage the end to end software testing & QA lifecycle.


Founded in 2006

Located in United States

SpiraTest Screens & Videos

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SpiraTest Pricing

SpiraTest pricing starts at $33 per user per month.

SpiraTest offers a free trial. Get your free trial:

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Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Installed - Linux/Unix
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad


In Person
Live Online


Business Hours
24/7 via Live Rep
24/7 via Online Ticket

SpiraTest Features

Requirements Management
  • Defect Management
  • Requirements Traceability
Administration & Security
  • User License Management
Requirements Specification
  • Test Case Specifications
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Requirements Management
  • Test Case Management
Methodology Support
  • Agile
  • Backlog Management
  • Status Tracking

SpiraTest Product Details

SpiraTest is an integrated Requirements and Quality Management solution that manages your project's Requirements, Test Cases, Releases, Defects, and Issues in one environment, with complete traceability throughout. After defining your project's requirements, you generate the test cases and test steps that validate the functionality. The test execution modules allow users to run through the tests, logging defects/issues as they go. SpiraTest is Fully Web-Based. Free 30-Day Trial.

2021-06-12 SpiraTest SpiraTest

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