Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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This session is a deep dive into requirements documentation issues showing examples of good documentation practices and samples of materials that only look good on the surface, but have significant buried problems. Find out the 3 most common documentation mistakes, and learn about 5 critical success factors for effective requirements documentation.

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Very few people doubt it nowadays: The gathering of requirements and its appropriate documentation is a fundamental step in the success of any project. Yet, many people still disregard it.

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There are various ways and means by which requirements for software development projects can be gathered and documented.  Before you start documenting the requirements you might want to be sure if you have captured all the required information.

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For almost every analyst, the day comes when you write a set of requirements that causes engineers to bemoan a recent development project that they just coded. "If only we'd known that you wanted to build this, we would have made the last project more flexible. Now we've hardcoded in changes that will take days to rebuild."

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From a developer's standpoint, few things are more frustrating than having to make lots of calls and research to learn what to create because the requirements are ambiguous. From an analyst's view, few things are more frustrating than having your requirements misunderstood. Yet so often, requirements are ambiguous to their readers, despite the writer's best efforts.

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