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Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, the ways we work and the ways businesses conduct their day to day activities are rapidly changing.  From grocery stores to hospitals, from schools to houses of workship - "new normal" routines are emerging and, in many cases, are proving to be more efficient and better for all involved.

Requirements Management is not immune to these changes.  In this article, Fernando Valera, CTO of Visure Solutions, tackles the subject of the future of the Requirements Management practice and Requirements Management tools.

"Certain paradigms will shift for the rest of our lives. Some companies have found it hard to transition to a Work-From-Home (WFH)-friendly environment. In a matter of one week, companies have realized (or have been forced to) that working remotely was an option with the right tools."

The author explores three key areas which will greatly influence Requirements Management for years to come:

  • Remote Working
  • Consolidation and Automation
  • Artificial Inteligence

Requirements Mangement tools are alread well positioned to deal with the disruptions caused by COVID-19.  Large and small enterprise alike have been, for years, developing software and products with diverse teams distributed across the globe.  Organizations who have already adopted these practices stand to benefit greatly and rise above the competition.

"Requirements Management platforms will have to facilitate an agile approach to business, while maintaining an efficient development process. For regulated environments, this may mean even shorter times-to-market, more imaginative prioritization of business demand and, potentially, integration of design thinking processes into the development process. As industries and companies are trying to adapt to these changing times, Requirements ALM will remain a cornerstone for the cohesiveness of teams and the effectiveness of their processes."

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2020-03-28 COVID-19 Impact on Requirements Management COVID-19 Impact on Requirements Management

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