All About Requirements

Become a Digital Design Professional - You can start today!

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Digitalization needs professionals: This fact becomes more and more urgent as the digital transformation is ongoing. IREB tackled this fact and we are happy to announce our brand new syllabus for the Digital Design Professional education.


Software Prototyping instead of Requirements Gathering?

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Are requirements gathering practices a thing of the past?  How can teams deliver software that meet the expectations of the customer without clearly documenting requirements? In this article,  Meredith Aourtemanche, executive aeditor at Tech Target, argues that a focus on hands-on,...


So... What is Design Thinking?

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Why Design Thinking?  Because it's time we stop assuming what the customer wants, how the user might use your product, or that we know the best way to solve a given problem. While the concept of design thinking has been around for a while, the advent of the digital...


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