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requirement [definition]  noun

requirement definition

That which is a prerequisite or needed for something else

  1. that which is a must or required

  1. that which is wanted or needed

  1. that which must be adhered to such as a law, rule, or contact

Requirement Definition

requirement common uses

  • admission requirement

  • immigration visa requirement

  • system requirement

  • eligibility requirement

  • job requirement

  • product requirement

  • graduation requirement

  • certification requirement

requirement example sentences

The SAT exam is no longer a requirement for college admissions.

Internet access is a requirement in order to access the ModernAnalyst.com website.

Having the CBAP certification is not always a requirement for a business analyst position.

requirement synonyms


Taking a drug test is a requirement for applying for the security guard position.


The buyer made a new requirement which we must meet before we can sell the property.


A high-level of care was a requirement to ensure Mary recovers from the automobile accident.


Keeping the grass cut is a requirement for all homeowners in our neighborhood.


Wearing formal attire is a requirement to get into the country club.


Specific low emission standard is a requirement of the new law.


Previous experience with Java programming is a requirement for the application developer position.


All the product requirements have been documented in the Product Requirements Document (PRD).


A credit score above 750 is a requirement for getting the best mortgage interest rates.


Water is a requirement for life on earth.


A great user interface is a requirement for the new online banking system.

requirement antonyms

  • nonessential

  • optional

  • frill

  • unnecessary

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