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How to Write a Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Articles and Posts 9 mins ' 122 Views

The article "How to Write a Business Requirements Document (BRD)" on Wrike's blog is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping project managers and business analysts create effective BRDs. It emphasizes the importance of a well-crafted BRD in aligning project expectations and ensuring...


A Good Guide to Creating Software Requirements Specifications

Articles and Posts 6 mins ' 127 Views

This article from Relevant Software provides an in-depth guide on creating a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, which is essential for ensuring clear communication and alignment between stakeholders in software development projects. The guide outlines the importance of SRS...


Regulatory Requirements Impact on Software Development

The article "How Regulatory Requirements Impact Software Development in 2023" on ReadWrite explores the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and their significant impact on software development practices. It emphasizes the growing legal and moral obligations of software...


Sustainable Product Performance through Requirements-Based Engineering

Articles and Posts 4 mins ' 4273 Views

A systems engineering expert explains why requirements-based engineering is the key component in achieving sustainability in product development. Hedley Apperly, VP/GM of Systems and Software Engineering at PTC, makes the case that long term product performance (aka sustainability) is no longer...


Requirements Gathering: Pants or not?

Articles and Posts 3 mins ' 4558 Views

Gathering requirements in a virtual world. A look at how BAs need to adjust their technique.


10 Recently Showcased Requirements Management and ALM/PLM Software

Articles and Posts 10 mins ' 7076 Views

This article will give cover the 10 most recent requirements management, application lifecycle management (ALM), and product lifecycle management (PLM) tools showcased in the tool directory.  Requirements management tools and lifecycle management tools are critical to...


Product Lifecycle Management For Semiconductors

Articles and Posts 4 mins ' 5764 Views

The C-Suite wants the chip industry to use PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), but are their issues different enough that a more specialized black-box approach would be better?


Requirements-Related Resources By Dan Tasker

FEATURED Articles and Posts 10 mins ' 5448 Views

My thanks to for hosting this web page - allowing me to consolidate links to articles and other resources I’ve produced during the final 10 years of my 50-year career in information technology. The objective is to inform business analysts who have found items I’ve...


Where Product Managers Can Shine

Articles and Posts 6 mins ' 4541 Views

This article tackles how successful organizations can use product managers with the right skills as change agents in real digital transformations.  The focus is on those product managers who are adept at feature and task prioritization.


How to Categorize Customer Requirements

Articles and Posts 6 mins ' 9369 Views

One of the hardest tasks that business analysts and  product managers are faced with is making sense of large amount of information and requirements they receive from a variety of sources: project stakeholders, business executives, end users, goverment laws and regulations. In...


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